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A Comprehensive Overview of HIV Infection

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ISBN :  9781632420114

Publisher :   Foster Academics

Language :   English

Publication Year :  2015

Price : USD  114.00

Description :  A descriptive analysis of HIV and AIDS has been presented in this all-inclusive book. Along with the basic concepts of pathology, immunopathology and immunity, diagnosis and epidemiology to present-day clinical recommendations in management of AIDS/HIV including NeuroAIDS is discussed in detail. This book is an invaluable source of reference for those interested in the research and treatment of HIV infection.

Author/Editor : 
Chris Stinson
Chris Stinson is a researcher and professor in a public research university in the United States. He has participated in various educational teaching programs. Stinson's research interests include clinical trials of HIV/AIDS therapies and the identification, treatment & outcome of primary HIV infection. He is an author of various books on HIV/AIDS management and is actively involved in its research. He is currently volunteering for healthcare management of the patients suffering from AIDS.