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Theory and Concepts of Drug Carrier Systems

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ISBN :  9781632423979

Publisher :   Foster Academics

Language :   English

Category :   Pharmaceutical Sciences

Publication Year :  2015

Price : USD  124.00

Description :  This book compiles contributions of prominent experts and researchers in the multidisciplinary arena of novel drug delivery systems. It gives insights into the ongoing and recent potentialities of various drug delivery systems. Emergence of analytical approaches and capabilities to determine particle sizes in nanometer ranges has focused interest towards nanoparticles for more effective methods of drug delivery. The book focuses on various aspects of drug delivery systems such as developments in the optimization, design and adaptation of gene delivery systems for treatment of infectious, genetic, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. The book assesses and reviews procedures under two sections: Powder Technology in Drug Delivery and Nano carriers in Drug Delivery.

Author/Editor : 
Erica Helmer
Erica Helmer has a master's degree in medicinal chemistry (pharmaceutical chemistry) and a PhD in pharmacology from Russia. She is an assistant researcher in a pharmaceutical company and is actively engaged in the research of drug carrier systems. Her academic and research interests lie in drug design and drug metabolism. Helmer, in her career of over 12 years, has authored and edited a number of peer-reviewed articles, journal papers and book chapters in the fields of pharmacology and medicinal chemistry.