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Virtual Screening: Methods and Techniques

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ISBN :  9781632424259

Publisher :   Foster Academics

Language :   English

Category :   Pharmaceutical Sciences

Publication Year :  2015

Price : USD  85.00

Description :  This book primarily discusses the methods and techniques of virtual screening. CoMFA, Pharmacophore modeling, CoMSIA, QSAR analysis, molecular dynamics simulations and docking have been started to be employed at variable degrees in virtual screening for the purpose of uncovering novel bioactive hits. However, implementation of these methods needs integrative knowledge and experience. The book elucidates established methodologies and novel trends in this field with the aim of facilitating their use in drug discovery.

Author/Editor : 
Judith Baker
Judith Baker obtained her MSc in drug toxicology and safety pharmacology from the University of Bradford, United Kingdom. Her academic and research interests lie in drug design and testing. Currently she is pursuing her doctoral degree and is serving as a lecturer in a medical school in UK. In the past, she has worked with several pharmaceutical companies in countries like Switzerland, Germany and France. Baker has authored and edited numerous books in the field of drug toxicology and pharmacology, which have been published worldwide.