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Handbook of Drug Therapy

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ISBN :  9781632424792

Publisher :   Foster Academics

Language :   English

Category :   Pharmaceutical Sciences

Publication Year :  2017

Price : USD  144.00

Description :  Drug therapy is defined as the cure and treatment of illness through drugs. Long-term consumption of drugs and drug treatment require careful monitoring and advice, as well as regulation of nutrition and a balanced diet. This book brings forth some of the most innovative concepts and elucidates the unexplored aspects of drug therapy. The various advancements in this field are glanced at and their applications as well as ramifications are looked at in detail. Those in search of information to further their knowledge will be greatly assisted by this text. This book will be very useful for students and researchers in the field of pharmaceuticals, pharmacology and medicinal chemistry.

Author/Editor : 
Horace Dawson
Horace Dawson holds an MSc in Veterinary Science from the University of Liverpool, Liverpool, United Kingdom. He has wide-ranging areas of academic and research interests, which include pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. Dawson has spent more than 8 years in the pharmaceutical industry, and has authored numerous articles and books, which have been published worldwide. His research papers have helped many pharmaceutical companies.