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Schizophrenia: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

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ISBN :  9781632425041

Publisher :   Foster Academics

Language :   English

Category :   Medical Science

Publication Year :  2017

Price : USD  134.00

Description :  Schizophrenia is a disorder that affects the mental health of a person and is found to cause false beliefs, paranoia, anxiety and a misperception of reality. This book on schizophrenia discusses the common symptoms, likely causes and adequate treatments. Medication and psychotherapy are common therapeutic techniques of this disorder. Individuals suffering from schizophrenia may have hallucinations, delusions, social withdrawal, etc. This book presents the complex subject of schizophrenia in the most comprehensible and easy to understand language. It is a complete source of knowledge on the present status of schizophrenia treatment. This book is a collective contribution of a renowned group of international experts.

Author/Editor : 
Willey Campbell
Willey Campbell, MD, serves as a clinical professor of medicine at a public research university in Ontario, Canada. He specializes in mental and behavioural disorders. His academic and research interests lie in the diagnosis and management of schizophrenia. Campbell has been an invited speaker at several national and international conferences and seminars in the field of medicine. He has authored and edited more than 2 articles and papers, which have been published in international journals.