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Stroke: Evidence-Based Management

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ISBN :  9781632424969

Publisher :   Foster Academics

Language :   English

Category :   Medical Science

Publication Year :  2017

Price : USD  124.00

Description :  Strokes are a medical condition that can be characterized by the disruption of blood flow to the brain causing interference in brain function and mental capability. This book outlines the various risk factors of strokes which include, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, etc. It elaborately compiles the different diagnostic techniques that are used around the globe like CT scan, MRI, etc. This book contains some path-breaking studies in the field of stroke diagnosis and management. With state-of-the-art inputs by acclaimed experts of this field, this text targets students, professionals and medical professions working in this field. The extensive content of this book provides the readers with a thorough understanding of the subject.

Author/Editor : 
Vin Lopez
Vin Lopez is a PhD in neuroscience from the University of Otago, New Zealand. He is a professor of neurology and neuroscience in an American university. Lopez started his career as a medical intern in a city hospital and completed his residency in neurology. His clinical and laboratory research interests are peripheral neuropathy and neuropathic pain. He has written several ground-breaking research papers and articles in the field of neuroscience and neuropathy.