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Learning Disabilities: Assessment and Intervention

By : Andy Parker

Description : The disorders associated with difficulties in learning are referred to as learning disability. Dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia are some common learning disorders. Her... more

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Liver Transplantation: Clinical Assessment and Management

By : Dylan Long

Description : There are various diseases that can damage the liver to an extent where the only medical cure for it is liver transplantation. Some of the types of diseases related to the liver a... more

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Low Back Pain: Mechanism, Diagnosis and Management

By : Angus Sanders

Description : Low back pain mainly involves the bones, muscles and nerves of the back. The symptoms of low back pain can include difficulty in moving, pain, muscle spasms and soreness. Acute ba... more

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Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Tools and Techniques

By : Aaron Jackson

Description : Magnetic resonance imaging is used in developing images of human body. It uses magnetic field and pulses of radio wave energy to generate pictures of organs of the body. MRIs are ... more

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Medical Tomography

By : Steven Gray

Description : Medical tomography is the technique by which medical images of sections of the anatomy are obtained. X-ray devices are used alongside algorithms based on mathematical formulas for... more

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Mood Disorders

By : Sheila Reid

Description : A person’s mental well-being is as important as a person’s physical state. Mood disorders are the type of disorders which directly affect the mood of a person, making them deeply ... more

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New Frontiers in Blood Cells Research and Hematology

By : Brian Jenkins

Description : The branch of medicine which is concerned with the study of blood and diseases related to it is known as hematology. Some of the diseases that occur in the blood are leukemia, mye... more

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New Insights into Neuropathic Pain

By : Vin Lopez

Description : Neuropathic pain is a specific kind of pain that is caused when somatosensory nervous system is damaged. The symptoms include sensations of shocks, stabbings, itching, numbness, e... more

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Nursing: Scope and Practice

By : Cynthia Wison

Description : Nursing focuses on the care of patients. This may involve the monitoring of patient’s diet, medication, movement, etc. Nursing may be practiced either independently or interdepend... more

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Oral Medicine: The Basis of Diagnosis and Treatment

By : Philip Chiders

Description : Oral health refers to the study and treatment, diagnosis, and prevention of diseases and disorders related to teeth, gum, oral cavity and  temperomandibular joint. The main diseas... more

Results 491 - 500 of 510