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Encyclopedia of Chemical Kinetics

By : Sarah Gates

Description : Chemical kinetics is a branch of chemistry and is also known as reaction kinetics. It is associated with studying the rates of chemical processes and certain factors, like concent... more

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Drug Carrier Systems Handbook

By : Erica Helmer

Description : This book compiles contributions of prominent experts and researchers in the multidisciplinary arena of novel drug delivery systems. It gives insights into the ongoing and recent ... more

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Chemical Biology: An Overview on Chemistry and Biology of the Biomolecules

By : Oliver Stone

Description : Covering every aspect of chemical biology, this book brilliantly presents an overview on the chemistry and biology of biomolecules. Chemical biology applies chemical principles in... more

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Bioactive Food Peptides: Production and Health Benefits

By : Logan Bowman

Description : The aim of this book is to educate the readers about bioactive food peptides and provide information regarding their production and health benefits. The long term use of conventio... more

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Bioactive Compounds in Herbal Medicine

By : Holly Philips

Description : This book presents an elaborative account on the applicability of bioactive compounds in herbal medicine. The long term use of conventional drugs like corticosteroids has some lik... more

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Antihypertensive Drugs

By : Mark Avis

Description : Latest advances in the development of hypertension-resistive drugs have been elucidated in this book. Hypertension is known as a "silent killer" and is a major cause for cardiovas... more

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An Integrated Study of Drug Metabolism

By : Erica Helmer

Description : Late-stage drug failure can occur due to various factors like unwanted metabolic instability, drug-drug interactions, toxic metabolites, and polymorphic metabolism. To meet the pu... more

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Advances in Toxicity and Drug Testing

By : Judith Baker

Description : This book discusses the latest advances and developments in toxicity and drug testing. It encompasses rising technologies (3D cultures, next generation sequencing, profiling techn... more

9781632420329 t fc

Advances in Capillary Electrophoresis

By : Leonardo Hules

Description : Capillary electrophoresis is an analytical technique which is used widely in diagnostic and clinical science. This book is a comprehensive account of latest capillary electrophore... more

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Advanced Antiviral Drugs and Clinical Approaches

By : Eva Sandler

Description : This book discusses various topics related to the different mechanisms of the pathogenesis of viral diseases and their treatment. The book gives special significance to clinical m... more

Results 41 - 50 of 54