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Steroids: Therapies and Applications

By : Janet Hoffman

Description : The therapies and applications of steroids have been elucidated in this profound book. It contains information about contemporary fundamental science on steroids and their researc... more

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Steroids: A Clinical Approach

By : Janet Hoffman

Description : A clinical approach towards utilization of steroids has been described in this insightful book. It provides modern comprehensive knowledge and information about the clinical use o... more

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Recent Researches in Pharmaceutical Science

By : Sean Boyd

Description : Latest researches in the field of pharmaceutical science have been discussed comprehensively in this book. Since the very beginning of civilization, human beings have been dreamin... more

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Recent Progress in Toxicity and Drug Testing

By : Judith Baker

Description : Present-day drug design and testing includes experimental in-vitro and in-vivo measurements of the drug candidate's adsorption, distribution, metabolism, elimination and toxicity ... more

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Recent Advances in Epidural Analgesia

By : Colin Ryder

Description : The most recent advances in the field of epidural analgesia are described in this book. Epidural analgesia is a type of pain relief process managed through the space encircling th... more

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Pharmacology Handbook

By : Sean Boyd

Description : The history of pharmacology travels along with that of scientific methodologies and the novel frontiers of pharmacology give way to a novel world in search of drugs and advanced t... more

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By : Brendon Krauss

Description : The book attempts to understand what the research and data on pharmacology points to in the current global scenario. The various branches that pharmacology draws its research from... more

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Pharmacokinetics: Advanced Principles and Applications

By : Sean Boyd

Description : The advanced principles and applications of pharmacokinetics have been discussed in this book. It contains updated information and practical analyses regarding the study of drug p... more

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Pharmaceutics: Concepts and Applications

By : Brendon Krauss

Description : This book attempts to understand the field of pharmaceutics and its advancing prospects. The rapid changes in this field in terms of newer and better as well as more efficient pro... more

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Pain Management

By : Pam Kellner

Description : International experts and veterans have contributed significant information in this book which encompasses several topics regarding the present pain management problems, and provi... more

Results 11 - 20 of 54