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Low Back Pain

By : Angus

Description : This book discusses various aspects of low back pain and includes matters related to basic and clinical science, epidemiology, risk factors, evaluation, and the various approaches... more

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Low Back Pain: Mechanism, Diagnosis and Management

By : Angus

Description : Low back pain mainly involves the bones, muscles and nerves of the back. The symptoms of low back pain can include difficulty in moving, pain, muscle spasms and soreness. Acute ba... more

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Management and Treatment of Low Back Pain

By : Angus

Description : Low back pain targets the lumbar spine and is a very common disorder associated with considerable distress in humans. It is seen in about 80% of the general population in some or ... more

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Operative Techniques of Spine Surgery

By : Angus

Description : The various operative techniques of spine surgery are described in this profound book. It comprises of contributions by reputed experts from across the globe who have presented th... more